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When we lived in Indiana, I ran until the last two years, and then started walking most days. After two years of walking on my own, in between we moved from Indiana to Maryland, I was bored walking alone. Our dog, at the time, Fran was older and had a bad leg. She really couldn’t walk more than a ½ mile at a time. We decided to add a dog to our family, that could walk with me nearly every day and then, because of him, every day. The transition to walking every day came from the fact that Dylan, the dog that joined our family while Fran was still alive, got cabin fever on the day she didn’t walk. It forced me to change my system and start walking every single day.

The pictures today are of the beginning and the end of our walk. We walk roughly the same trail every day. We start, with Dylan leading, heading from our house, and then wander towards the fire station. The Fire Station (number 22 in our country of Maryland).  We moved to our house in Maryland, where we were now in 2013. Sadly, after moving with us to Maryland, Fran did not make it past 2014. It was a traumatic experience for everyone. Dylan was very lonely and moped around the house. A little over a month after Fran passed, we added Raven to our pack. Raven is a dog that does things her way. The first thing she did, getting in the car with total strangers, was to decide the twins belonged to her.

Dylan rode in the front with my wife and I. Raven, sat between the twins. They have belonged to her ever since. It is a funny fact that Dylan was a Lab resource, and Raven was also a Lab Rescue. Both of them were found and placed in foster homes, in the area of Virginia around Richmond. That area was once a large instance of dogfighting rings. But neither of our two were involved in that. They were both abandoned and found on their own. Raven suffers from water anxiety, as I mentioned yesterday, as well as food anxiety. Dylan and Raven both suffer from fear of thunderstorms. But the walk, that is the territory of Labs now. Dylan starts asking to go on the walk around noon everyday!


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  1. Walking a dog is one of the best experiences we can have. I love walking with my dog through the countryside but I do not like a dog in the city, I think it is better for dogs to be in the countryside. My dog has always made his necessities in the country.

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