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Memories change over time, from what they were to what they are and beyond to something else again. In those changing memories, there are things we intentionally forget or put so far away from the light that they slip away. Sometimes it is people; I know there are people I choose not to remember at times. The painful reality of the memory makes it too hard to connect it to the things I share. There are things, moments, memories though of the times that were.

Those we celebrate. As in the moments shared today, a celebration. I suspect based on the folder name, that these pictures from Jan 2005 were our annual January birthday celebration (we have a mother, daughter January birthday set in the family). Funny how the concept of time, and the reality of what we seek and do changes over time. We are human in the end. Our world is comprised of the beginning, middle, and end of the memories we have.

We are the gulf between the memories. We are the disconnection that lives between what is, and what will be. Removing, later, those painful things help. It makes it easier to swallow as it were. Easier for the pain to dissipate. Things are never the way we wish. They are never as we recall. Our memories, our collected recollection of what was, is never the way it was. We have to accept that and move on. Or we are lost. I know people that are lost. Not found in pictures or memories. Taken from pictures by force sometimes (cut in fact) no longer there. Forgotten as if they had never been.


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Written by DocAndersen

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