Wander project the Wander of Life.

Life is a journey. It isn’t a journey that begins with a guarantee. We aren’t given a contract and, in that contract, bound to a path. We are born and brought into the world as an individual. We can choose to walk the path walked by others. We can, as the Poem by Robert Frost, reminds us, take the road less traveled. We are not bound to a path, nor is one provided for us. But there are choices we make in life. Do we see the world through the eyes of others or are we bound in our own vision? There is no right answer nor is there in the end a wrong answer. There are simply people and, to quote the song, we disagree. That is the essence of humanity, to agree and to disagree.

We are bound to the answers we have. They aren’t the only answers by far. They are simply the ones at hand. We can react to those “answers.” That is where we begin to find a path. How we react, what we find along our path becomes a part of us—today images from Thailand. I would say that a piece of me comes from Thailand. I see a great solace being there. It is often called the land of smiles. But Thailand is so much more than people smiling. It is one of the first countries that joined John Kennedy’s Peace Corp initiative. Peace Corps Volunteers were sent to Thailand in the early 1960s. Thailand was also one of the prototype countries for UNESCO.

(UNESCO – United Nations Education and Children’s Organization)!

But a piece of me is also from Chicago. It is from the shores of Lake Ripley in Wisconsin. It is from the University of Hamlet called Bloomington, Indiana. It is part of me that journeyed the world. The part of me that wandered the US. I would say that I am the compilation of the whole, the stitched-together memories of all the places I’ve been and seen. But I am also a compilation of the people I have known. The moments wound around the memories that are shared. So today, I thank everyone that has walked a step on the various Wander Projects with me. I thank everyone that reads, has read, or shares the Wander dream. Today is another day on the path we live. Thanks for walking with me for a time.

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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Written by DocAndersen

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