wander project the unintentional flower

Let’s consider a flower, One, single entity. It, the height, can arrive where it is in several ways. It can be intentional or unintentional in its arrival. Willful is the gardener crawling on their knees, carefully digging precise holes equidistant apart to plant each flower. The flowers, as they bloom, line up with each other presenting a unified front to the world. We call that a garden, as we walk by. We may pause, look at the selection of colors, and wonder, what was that gardener thinking>? We may even break and marvel at the perfection of the plants—the mulch covering any volunteers, plants that the gardener did not choose to plant. We marvel and admire the creation.

Sometimes the gardener is there, we stop by a hearty Hi ho Neighbor, or howdy, or perhaps in another time a good day to you (sir or Ma’am), and we converse. At first, the awkward weather conversation. “nice weather,” “yes, Nice weather.” But then slowly moving past that to the flowers. “They sure are Pretty this year (Jim or Alice, Nancy or bob). “why thank you,” they answer. It is part of the connection you have in being neighbors and admiring the creativity that puts the garden together. Each garden designed by its gardener laid out in the perfection that gardener sought when planning. Each park may have the same plants, but the vision is always unique and different.

But instead, today, we move past the known flower gardens and look instead for the accidental the unintentional flowers. Sometimes gardeners armed with hoes and sprays call them weeds and remove them. But they are not weeds. They are accidental flowers. The ones that were dropped by a bird as it flew overhead. One flower, struggling to see around bushes to see the sun, for flowers are heliotropic by nature. We see that one flower, the one vestige of something unplanned, and we stop. Yes, there is majestic beauty in the planned work of the gardener. But there is a magical moment when you find that one stray flower—the one unintentional flower on your walk. Do not pick it; leave it for the next walker!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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Written by DocAndersen

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