Wander project the story of us (continued)

Like any group of people in this world, there were ups and downs. In 1997 late in the year, we found that we would be having the second child joining us. We had been trying to add a child for about a year, but we started late with the child thing, so there was some risk. I had to go to Toronto for a business trip and missed the first appointment with the doctor. My wife, after five years of being in the Advertising world, had decided to come home and take time away from work. I wished her luck and headed off to Canada. I was in a five-day class learning new technology. I got out of class the day of the Dr. Appt, and there were actual paper messages for me, at the front desk of the company office and the hotel. They were all simply my wife saying: call home,”

She asked are you sitting down when I reached her. I lied and said I was. I was standing at the time. She said, “we, are having twins.” I wish I had been sitting; I ended up landing on the floor. That was the beginning of what was to be the most difficult 18 months. In part, because we were convinced that the twins were suffering from a rare disorder (the internet is no place to figure things out sometimes) called twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Or TTTS, they didn’t, by the way, have that, but it made for a difficult first month knowing we were having twins. Based on our original guess, but also more on Doctors orders my wife went on bed rest during the 14 weeks. She stayed on Bed Rest from week 14 to week 33. Week 32 was our goal (fully formed  to lungs)!

It was a really hard time. I was working with a local Cincinnati Customer so not traveling. The Bean, barely five years old was taking care of her mother every day. I would come home after work, make dinner and take care of my wife until the next morning. The Bean covered the time between when I was gone. Cutting carrots and celery for her mom until I got home. My wife is a very active person, she doesn’t like being sick, and she hated Bed Rest. But, it was the twins, and they were important. We stayed in that state of bed rest and fear for 18 weeks. On the 32nd week, the Doctor was concerned that my wife’s bed rest wasn’t enough and she was put in the hospital for enforced bed rest. That was the worst week of my life. I had to drop off, pick up and take care of The Bean solo, and still take her to see her mom (she was really worried). I had laundry, cooking, dishes and of course Iw as scared to death. The Sunday, one week after she was put on Hospital bedrest she called me and said, I am having contractions. I called our dear friend to watch The Bean and rushed to the hospital.

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