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Wander project Singapore

Singapore, a magical city. Home of the lions. Home of chili crab. I think chili crab is my overall favorite dish from Singapore. Over the years I stopped there several times on my way to Malaysia. In part because the regional team wanted to make sure that the US person had the regional view. I can honestly say I like the Malaysian team’s view better than the regional teams view, plus one or two of the regional people are people I ran into over and over.

That said it was interesting. The practice manager of Malaysia and I had an early morning phone call before I went to Singapore. I was flying into Changi airport (Singapore) for two days before heading to Malaysia for two weeks. He called to warn me of the goals of the regional team versus the goals of the Malaysian team. They warned me about several people on that regional team; I would later find out why.

Still, Singapore as a city is a wonderful place to visit. In part because one of my all-time favorite partners are there. FPT, a software and infrastructure SI from Vietnam, has a regional HQ in Singapore. It is, was and has been a blast to hang out with that team.

I like the Marriott hotel in Singapore. It is a beautiful building and one of the best Marriotts in the area. The JW Maritto in KL is the only one in that are that I think is better!


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    • I love Singapore because of Chili Crab. Oh yeah, and riding the ducks. And the lions, and the clean streets. I once spent a day indoors, never going outside and yet I was in seven different buildings on three different streets!

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