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Over the years I spent a lot of time in Seattle Washington. Downtown Seattle has some of my all-time favorite restaurants and some of the best walking paths. I love walking the shoreline to the commercial harbor. Or the other way walking from downtown to the sports stadiums (baseball and football stadiums are tucked into the downtown area). You can wander through the world famous pike street market. I enjoyed being there early in the morning and watching them throw the fish.

Do fish fly? They do at Pike Street. Perhaps not under their power, but they fly!

During my many trips to the Seattle area, I spent a lot of time in Redmond. You know you have been to a place far too many times when you have not only a first, but a second, third and even a fourth favorite hotel.

Downtown I loved the Marriott that was tucked by the shore and the harbor.

In Redmond, I loved the Marriott Residence Inn in 148th place.

Both of those had excellent walking trails near them for the evening walk. I love ending my day with a walk!

I suspect over the 15 years I worked for the company, I was in Seattle more than 150 times. I had a Redmond based job for over a year, so was there 15 weeks during a six month period. I enjoy the city overall.

Yes, by the way, I do stay at Marriott’s. With all the traveling I did for years it was beneficial to stay with one chain. As you move up their lifetime rankings, you gain more and more points. Those points paid for a lot of family vacations!


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