Wander project my parents trip to Chiangmai Thailand

When my father retired, and before he retired, he made winter trips to Thailand to work with the IPST (a group that started because of the UNESCO team Dad had been a part of in 1972). The team was working to improve Thai education systems at the request of the Thai government. Thailand was one of the very first countries to have US Peace Corps representatives and was and remains a great example of what a nation can do!

He and mom would spend January and February in Thailand. I stopped by one trip on my way back from Malaysia. They missed the worst parts of winter in Indiana, and they both love Thailand. It is the land of smiles. The pictures today are from a seminar dad conducted in Chiangmai. My memories of Chiangmai revolve around the river. I was in a canoe that well didn’t do well and kept sinking into the water.

My dad leaned over one time as we were righting the canoe and getting back on it, watch out for Crocodiles. I have to say I was a lot more careful paddling after hearing that. I am not sure to this day, I ’ve never dared to look up Crocodiles in Chiangmai. I suspect the answer might be more horrifying than the thought that has been with me all these years. My dad did that often, not just to me he was an equal opportunity smart aleck.


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