Wander project near Annapolis and the memory of Dr. King.

Today’s wander project is two-fold, more images of Annapolis Maryland and the water around it. More importantly, today is the day set aside to remember a human being that saw the best in each of us. Today is the day set aside for the drum major, the orator, and the dreamer. Dr. Martin Luther King was killed in the 1960’s, but I hear his voice still and try ever to achieve his ideals. I wish to this day I could report great progress on Dr. King’s dream. We are still struggling with the reality of where we are. Would around the axel of progress we spin but go nowhere with purpose yet.

The images today are of transition, I figured since it was a day to honor the man who sought to transition America, and the world, it seemed only fitting to share images from last year of transition. There are pictures of our boat that we had just gotten last year and some of our old boat. The original boat was called Labs Lair. The second boat was called Labs Lair Too. A double entendre intentionally created. I don’t think we will name our next boat Labs Lair 3. But who knows!

Transitions are difficult, more so more a nation or a world than a boater. I am not likening changing boats to the changes needed for the world to move forward. I understand the differences between the two. It is more that we are still struggling that worries me. No world leader should be accused of racism, sexism or any other ism that allows the leader to push down the dreams of their people. We need to make the world a better place.

On this, Dr. King day remember the good in everyone.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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