Wander project my first trip to Arkansas…

The first picture is of my mother-in-law.  She passed away nearly 15 years ago now, but she had a significant influence on me. Today I wanted to share the story of the first trip we took to my in-law’s house. My wife and I started dating in mid-October, and by November 1, we were engaged. By December, we were deep in wedding planning. But I hadn’t met my in-laws yet. They had lived in Bloomington IN for many years, but upon retiring, they moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I had heard of Hot Springs for two reasons. The first was the fact that the US Federal Prison, where Al Capone had passed away, was in Hot Springs Arkansas. The other purpose was a town called Hope. William Jefferson Clinton, former US President, was born in Hope Arkansas.

We were initially going to fly the day after Christmas to Hot Springs. But, our flight was leaving Monroe County airport, and it was canceled. After a lengthy discussion, we decided to drive to Hot Springs. We went back home and packed the car; we would end up leaving very early the next morning. We ended up driving across Illinois, and then the snow started. As we got in Tennessee, the storm got worse and worse. We ended up decided to spend the night in a hotel and then would finish the trip the next day after the snow was finished. We finally arrived in Hot Springs Village and arrived at my in-law’s house. They were not home, and y wife was a little worried.

“It is not like them.”

I think my then Finance and now wife said that eight or nine times.

My in-laws were off installing a device for another person in the village. They felt horrible (we made better time and got there early). I honestly liked my in-laws from the minute I met them. They were both remarkable human beings, and I still miss them.  I learned a lot from both of them. My father-in-law had been a scratch golfer and was a five handicap when I met him. My mother-in-law was a fun person to tease, but she was a great person to talk with as well!

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