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wander project my fathers pictures.

I’ve been on both sides of the family conversation – the photographer and the photographed. WThe pictures today were all taken by my father in the early 1970s. Some of the images are less than perfect. I don’t edit or clean up the pictures my father left me. That is more personal than anything else. To me, he gave them, and they ere scanned; from there, I can’t edit them now. I know that I will someday clean up the pictures and fix some of the yellowing, but for now, they are as they were the last time my father touched them. In some cases, the pictures or the slides were not touched for 30 or more years when I was little dad used to have us all come into the living room.

He would bring out the old Kodiak projector and the slide carousels, and he would show us some of the pictures of the world. All of us had traveled with dad to Thailand but traveled on his own after that. When we were older and moved out of the house, mom would sometimes go with dad as he wandered the world. But back then, the slides were our connection to the world beyond where we were. We, after returning from Thailand (and we, I mean mom and dad, we the kids were along for the ride) sponsored and helped many Thai students that came to Indiana University. I will never forget many of those students. They came from the land I loved and spent time with us in Indiana.

I won’t name names, but there were so many. We would have delightful Thai food and wonderful parties. Dad would trot out the Kodak Carousel projector, and we would discuss the places he had been. I remember those evenings. I don’t think at the time I was the best audience, but looking back now, it is easy to let the bias flow away from me, I miss them. My grandfather used to show old home movies on his projector. My father showed slides of places in the world he had been. I miss both of those, sharing places and things captured on a camera. Yesterday launched onto a screen hung in the living room or the family room by the fireplace. I miss the moments shared and shown.


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