Wander project the Moon, the Pool and Greenwood!

I grew up in the time of the space race. As a small child looking up was often looking for Sputnik, or later Freedom 7, Spacelab and so on. Each moment, each second was calculated to know what you could see. We watched each of the launched waiting. Sometimes I like to take pictures of the moon. They don’t often turn out; the shaky camera problem normally gets me when I try to take the pictures.

I have a fixed mount camera for my telescope, but I always forget to drag both the telescope and the camera from the basement. The few times I’ve taken pictures with the Telescope they have been wonderful. But again, that involves me dragging something from the basement to the main level of the house. The rest of the pictures are of a pool day. We had a lot of pool days, then. We don’t know, even though our neighborhood has a pool.

What once was the only thing the kids wanted to do, is now the last thing they would consider. Funny how as a parent you notice that. Maybe it isn’t funny.  The pool pictures are mostly focused on them trying to shoot water at each other. We got these volcano squit guns for the pool. You had to engage the scientific principle of both pressure and surface tension to use them. In fairness, you would never tell a five-year-old that just that they were cool squit guns so you could get your brother wet.

I never understood why they were always squirting each other in the pool. They were already wet.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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