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Wander project Maryland!

Back to more boating, this one of the first boat trip of last year. We went from where the boat spends the winter (it isn’t warmer than where the rest of us spend the winter, just that boats need to be out of the water or they can be damaged)). Each year we have our boat taken out of the water and reset. They change the oil, empty the water and other systems on the boat. I guess people that live in places that don’t freeze don’t have to do this.

The first trip of the boat was a blast. Any trip on the boat is a blast. The first trip of the year is to move from winterization to its March – November home of the Marina. You get a chance to run the boat wide open for the first time of the year. Plus, you get to see a different part of the bay. We winterize our boat in a place that is south and west of where the boat is during the summer. It is a part of the bay that has a lot more crab boats and fishing boats.

You sometimes forget, as you wander past the bay bridge that in fact, the bay is still a working place. Maryland Blue Crab come from the Bay. The crabbers got out every morning and carefully separate the too small crabs from the crabs ready to be sent to dinner plates. Coated in Old Bay and served with corn on the cob on newsprint or newspaper, there is no finer evening spent than enjoying crab! Although as an adopted Marylander now, I have to say crab balls are my favorite!


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Written by DocAndersen

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