Wander project – look out for that Tree (George of the Jungle Reference) or sign…

I thought I would share walk pictures this morning, my wander around the neighborhood. I found the lovely blue flowers (a weed) and of course Queen Anne’s lace (another weed). These sit on the corner right before the Fire Station. As I mentioned in the photo challenge post with a few of these pictures I was half asleep in Froz’s pajama’s (My apologies to Tom Robbins for borrowing his line). On the way back I realized what had happened and took pictures. You can see the tire tracks, skid marks and of course wake of destruction along the path that leads to and after the Firehouse. I suspect there was quite a loud noise when the accident happened. Luckily it is nearly a mile from our house, so we didn’t hear it.

Our neighborhood sits above the valley that Germantown Road runs through. The ridge or valley, former stream bed, whatever caused the hills, has a pretty steep hill that leads into our neighborhood. That means you get to walk down a steep hill to walk up a steep hill again. Then down the steep hill and back up the other side. We have a couple of walking trails that go the other way, one that does the downhill, uphill thing. The other remains flat around the back side of our neighborhood. The twins complain about the hills, so does Raven. Raven prefers to be carried up the hills. Carried by one of her twins. She is, after all, the road presence and her feet shouldn’t touch the ground of a lowly hill.

BY the afternoon (second walk) the signs were all back up except for the street light, and the lane ends merge right sign. Those two signs remained down. The rest of the signs were located in the strip of narrow dirt between the sidewalk and the street. The street lamp is a metal pole, and it was torn apart by the collision (the other street lamp that was hit had the pole bent, but it did not fall during the collision.)  The last sign seems optional to the twins and I. Merge, in that section of road, or for that matter anywhere near the aggressive driving capital of the world (DMV, District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) merge appears to mean drive more aggressively than the person next to you and then pull over. Not the merge I grew up with. But then I didn’t grow up in the DMV.


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