Wander project KL continued…

Before arriving in KL in October 2004, I had heard about the Petronas Towers. They were, at that time or had recently been the tallest buildings in the world. Two towers joined together with a bridge sitting on the 80th or so floor. We walked across that bridge several times. The office of the company I was working for was in one tower. The office of the company we were working with was in the other tower. You could tell which tower had the Petronas company in it; its tower had a metal detector and armed guards between the doors of the building and the elevators. The other side just had elevators!

If you walked through the main entrance to the Petronas Towers, you could walk between the two towers and end up in KLCC. KLCC was a large Mall connected to the towers. Outside of KLCC was the park that surrounded both the mall and the towers. The park had gardens and beautiful fountains and was a place I wandered around many a lunch. Afterall, the desk I sat at and the customer I was working with were only about 200 yards apart. The only exercise I got was walking in the park!

There was just down from the Petronas Towers a wonderful local restaurant that we went to for lunch. The place had the best Chicken Tikka. The Nan was fresh, and we ate lunch there many times as a team. Malaysia has a tax on cars, or at least it did back in those days. Many people just paid the tax, and frankly, traffic in KL was always bad. I was staying on the other side of the downtown area most of my stays at the JW Marriott Hotel. It was less than a mile from the Petronas Towers, and yet it could take 30 minutes to ride in a cab from the hotel to the towers.


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Written by DocAndersen

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