Wander Project heading to London on New Year’s day :-( for work…

I got to spend New Year’s day once on an airplane. I spent most of Christmas Eve once repairing a customer’s mail system. People tell me sometimes it was so cool that you got to travel to see the world. That, by the way, is the downside. You travel when the customer needs you, and sometimes that puts the family in the back seat.

Not, that in my mind family is every in the back seat. They are always the first thing I think about. My job kept my family warm and dry in a nice house, so sometimes you traveled in an airplane on New Year’s day, or drove across Ohio on Christmas Eve.

Visiting London is always a fun trip for me. It is truly a unique city. I have had the opportunity to be in and around London several times. I have to say I love Bangers and Mash! I would have preferred not to be in the city around the holiday, but I do understand the reality of what customer’s need.

In my wandering of London over the years I have had the opportunity to see a lot of the city. One trip I got to go with a co-worker who also happens to be a great friend of mine. We had a blast; our trip spanned a weekend, so we had two days of sightseeing the city of London!

London is unique and truly a wonderful experience, just not having to travel there on New Year’s day…


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