Wander project heading to Holiday World

Over the years I know I remember vacations not by destination but by the memorable moment from that vacation. This was a two-day trip, but mostly two days because everyone wanted to stay at the hotel and relax. We were bound for Holiday World in Southern Indiana. When I was a kid, it was called Santa Clause Land. In fact, the town that the park sits next to is still called Santa Clause Indiana. Normally this was an early morning Day Trip for us.

Drive down early, hang out at the park, then everyone sleep in the car as I drove home. If you see a job posting, father or dad needed, note that driving home while everyone else sleeps is a minimum required skill. Keeping yourself awake with coffee and rock and roll is the only solution I know of to the problem. Sometimes as you can see in the following pictures, the kids slept on the way there, and the way back.

In this case, we have images of the hotel’s arcade, and the golf course/putt-putt not eh hotel grounds. Putt-Putt was always interesting with little kids. Not because of the amazing skills they had, but rather the amazingly creative ways they could miss the ball, over and over again! I loved watching that capacity for years. They, the boys and Jakki, are better now and don’t take the crazy wild swings anymore. But back then, we visited every water trap in ever putt-putt in Indiana. Some of them two and three times, on the same hole!


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