Wander project Greenwood, Soccer and a sport I call Clump Ball…

For some reason today, my internal clock is struggling. I got up at 2:44 am and thought it was 4 am when I usually get up. (actually, I saw the 44 on the second part of the clock and convinced myself it was 444 and that the alarm didn’t go off). Lost in the reality of the human mind many things can go wrong. What am I going to do with all this extra time this am before work? Well, let’s wander over to the YMCA of Greenwood Indiana and see some pictures of a sport I like to call clump ball. Clump ball, a sport where there are a round ball and two goals. Between the two goals are two groups of children. Notice them before the ball is dropped. You will see children wearing two different colored shirts.

After the ball hits the ground, there is a clump of children with two different colored shirts. They are kicking the ball. The physical law of clump ball is if the ball moves the clump moves. Sometimes one of the clamp members can put the ball in the goal. The parents cheer, but no one keeps score. Well, expect all the parents silently keep score. But that is a story for another day and another blog. The reality of clump ball and sitting in the cool fall weather.

One set of parents brings a snack for the team. Sometimes that was us (usually once a season). But every week we had water bottles so that when the clump expelled the boys for a brief rest, they could get a drink of water. I believe that the Star Trek concept of The Borg (Star Trek Next Gen) came in fact from someone watching clump ball. From time to time the clump expels a child. Sometimes they are crying. Sometimes they are tired. When they can rejoin, the rejoin the clump and move around the field. The only solitary exceptions to the clump are the goalies, who are standing in a net looking for dandelions.


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Written by DocAndersen

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