Wander project Greenwood IN (and SNOW!)

Snow, an interesting winter activity. As a child, as my children did after me, I loved to go out and play in the snow all day. At my grandparent’s house in Wisconsin, there was the perfect sledding hill that I went down 100’s of times. I love the joy of flying down the hill on a sled. All of that of course changes as you get older. Well, it changes if you live in a house and have to shovel the driveway. There is a subtle difference between the reality of now and the beauty of snow.

For the Twins there were many nights they went to bed hoping for enough snow delay, or cancel school for a day. Then they were anticipating the snow falling. When they had to go out and shovel the driveway that turned to frustration with snow. The noise generated by twins clearing a driveway even exceeded the sound of a snow blower. The snow blower was loud, but the twins are louder when they are frustrated.

We didn’t, at our house in Indiana have a good sledding hill. We also don’t in Maryland. We have more of a hill in Maryland, but between the trees that line the end of our yard and the fence, well it would be a short run. The snow images shared today, focuses on the backyard of our house in Indiana. We had a very nice backyard that had room for the kids to play, and then the rest of the yard sloped down to the pond.


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Written by DocAndersen

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