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There are people you intersect in life that change your course. You meet them, and suddenly you are going in a different direction. I met my wonderful wife in 1990. I won’t give you the full “When Harry Met Sally.” Story. It is a long and happy story. But the very first time we met, my wife thought I was crazy.  On April 1 when we were both in high school many years before our first official date, my wife wore a bunny suit to school. A large white rabbit to be specific. She told me the story of wearing the costume to school on a lark, as a fun thing to do on April 1st. While walking through the halls, she encountered a person that asked her if she had the time. Hey if you are wearing a rabbit suit, and someone asks you the time just tell them you are LATE!

She ignored that person asking her if she had the time.

The funny thing is that person was me.

We are meant to meet people when we are ready. My in-laws were such people. I was blessed to get the best parents. Yes, we argued, and we didn’t see eye to eye on everything. I was also blessed to get the best in-laws. Same deal as my parents, we argued, we fussed, and we supported each other. My fondest memory of my mother in law was her, and I cook, and her shock at the amount of garlic I used in the dish we were making. She tried it, although I will be honest there was a lot of trepidation on her part. She liked it. After that, I was allowed to make dinner for my in-laws. I felt like that was a win!

My favorite memory of my father in law was on a golf course. He and I went 3 or 4 times when we visited them in Hot Springs where they were living. One time we were playing in a foursome with a couple of his friends. The 17th hole was surrounded by water and a really hard hole. I shot to the right, taking the safe bogey route rather than replaying the movie Tin Cup and sinking four shots in the water. The other cart did the same, safe shot as well. My father-in-law stepped up and hit his shot right at the pin. He shanked the shot, and it had a low altitude path right to the water. It managed to hit the exposed portion of the concrete drain and bounce onto the green. My father-in-law smiled and said, “that’s how its done boys.”

The pictures today are from their visit in September 2000, to our house in Greenwood IN!


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Written by DocAndersen

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