Wander project from a car window and hotel room, San Francisco!

The trips I took for business were not always well, time available. There were many times when I would fly in, or in some cases drive into a city and by the time the meetings were done it was night time. The only day images of the city I captured were early morning walks, or out the hotel window or car window. Over the years I stopped a few times in San Franciso (multiple-hop trips to Asia). I also did on occasion have meetings in the city!

I have some friends that live in the Bay area, so it was always fun to stop in on a business trip and hang out with my friends. San Francisco, in particular, downtown, is a wonderful area to walk and wander around. Not, by the way, that I had any time on the tip with pictures shared. I was literally in and out of San Francisco in less than 35 hours. We drove in from Sacramento the first day, arriving a little after 11 am., We then met with partners the rest of that day.

The morning there was time for a brief walk, but for the most part, it was prepping for more partner meetings and then rushing to the airport. It was the last city in a three-city California presentation and after LA, Sacremento and then San Francisco I was tried and ready to go home. Funny how the reality of time catches you. I have been to San Francisco a few times since that first trip. But mostly my memories come back to the rush in, rush out first trip!


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