Wander project Franklin Indiana.

One of the places we often visited and a place that we have quite a few pictures from that I haven’t shared is Franklyn Indiana and the retirement facility where my wife’s parents lived. They, my wife’s parents were in Florida after Arkansas. They both retired from jobs in Bloomington Indiana. When my wife and I started dating, they were living in Hot Springs Arkansas. They moved to Florida in around 2000 or so.

Then in roughly 2004, they moved to Franklyn Indiana. It was almost a full circle (Bloomington to others back to Indiana). Frankly is a little east and almost directly east in fact from Bloomington. We wandered down to visit my wife’s bother and folks when they lived in Florida. We also wandered out west to visit them in Arkansas. When they were back in Indiana, we wandered down to see them every week.

The TV in the pictures was our old Sony TV. IT was the original bigger Barney TV. My daughter’s selection process back then for TV’s was measuring the size of Barney on the TV. If she could hug Baney on the TV, then it was big enough! My wife’s folks liked the facility. For the first few weeks when they first moved in,t hey went to church with us on Sunday’s. Barb’s dad was able to end his horrible addiction to Akandsad basketball and get back to rooting for good old IU!


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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