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wander project floating markets and big changes

A market is floating or floating market just outside Bangkok Thailand we visited. It, the floating market, is a place we had gone back when we live in the din, Thailand, so when we visited again, we went again. The market is alongside a river, with the shops overlapping the water so you can ride on the boat and shop. There were so many exciting things, more touristy now than when we were living there. Back then, the reality of that Floating Market is that it was more supermarket like than it was trinket market. But things over time evolve. When you arrived at the market, you got into a boat. The boat then led you around the market, and you shopped.

You paid the boat operator, and you paid the shopkeeper—overall, a fun afternoon experience.

The world is different now than when I was a kid. Yesterday the twins and I were walking the dogs. We were speaking of generational moments and the impact of COVID-19. Yes, we have conversations like that on the walk often. We talked about the two-generational moments that have impacted the twin’s lives. The first being the horrible events of 9/11. Their memories of 9/11 are more of being scared.

The second big one for them is the COVID-19 virus and the impact on the world. That got me thinking about the generational things that happened in my life, good and bad. I thought I would list them and see if people agree or have additional ones to add.

  1. Vietnam war and all the aftermath of that event
  2. Apollo 11 and a human being walking on the moon
  3. The various horrible events (Cambodia, Rwanda)
  4. South Africa becoming no longer controlled by the minority
  5. 9/11
  6. And COVID-19

There are more I am certain, but this morning those are the events that, to me, changed the direction of the world around me.sa

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