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The first picture today is of my sister, my niece and my wife recreating the famous see no, hear no, say no evil post. I first saw this years ago with three monkeys. It, the first time I saw it as a poster, was in my father’s office.  The twins, my daughter and I were rowing around the lake and as we came from the dock towards the dam, the three were sitting there. At first, they didn’t make this pose, but then the three of them did. So I took the picture. The rest of the pictures were from a family vacation, arranged by my parents. It was a technology-free weekend, in that the location in Indiana didn’t have a cellular tower. No cell phones and the cabins didn’t have wifi.

It was 15 years ago, so no interest wasn’t a huge sacrifice. The reality of smartphones had just begun. Wasatch Lake was the name of the resort we stayed at. We were in three separate cabins, each family having their own space. We spent thee days there (arriving, two nights and then leaving). The reason it was important was that this was the time that my daughter and I were looking to add a dog to the family. We had Gwen and my daughter wanted her dog. I bring that up because we met a Great Dane at the resort. The Great Dane and its family were staying in the back cabins, and we were staying in the cabins right by the lake. My daughter and I both fell in love with the Great Dane.

We added them to our potential future dog list. Sadly because they only lived eight years on average, we later took them off our list. But we enjoyed meeting the Great Dane and considered them for nearly a month. The private lake that the cabins were on one side wasn’t that big. Rowing the lake was a lot of fun. The owners had built cabins and also a lodge. The lodge was where all the games and sitting areas were. You could also rent the loft of the lodge and sleep there. The only thing I remember from that weekend was walking around the resort area, rowing around the lake, fishing with the kids and the Great Dane. I think the Great Dane was the hit of the vacation for me.


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