Wander project A day at the beach…

Ah the beach, moments of baking in the sun. What is like, I wonder to bake in the sun. It was truly sunny in DC yesterday. A nice day but as the day slipped away, there would be no baking in the sun. No resting on sand that was, well, hot enough to burn the bottom of feet not wise enough to have sandals on. Ah, the heat of the sun beating down on you. Except for yesterday, there was that small problem with no beating, no heat.

That said I decided why I must suffer both on my blog and next to the fire in my house? I shall drive that cold into that good night, by posting pictures of the beach! Besides sitting in front of the woodstove in our living room, it is warm. The floor is warm; the air is warm, You could, if you could move the dogs, actually lie in front of the fireplace as if it were the beach. I would say that the co-owner of the house would frown upon enough sand in the house to think you were on the beach.

Moving the dogs would be at best impossible. Is there something beyond impossible? That would be the Herculean task of moving Raven and Dylan from their appointed Laborador places in front of the fire on their dog beds. Technically not truly beds, merely fireplace and fire resting locations. They, like their humans, always sleep in beds. Dylan sleeps in the big master bedroom. Raven sleeps in the guest room, taking over a whole bed.

I miss the sun that brings warmth. In fairness now, I should note I do miss the cold when it is too hot!


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Written by DocAndersen

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