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It was early in 1998, and we were scrambling. We were preparing for a new addition to our family. Secondly, because we had found out the 2nd addition was, in fact, a 3rd as well. Twins, not something we had talked about, planned for or even considered. It was also a very difficult pregnancy. But beyond the pregnancy itself, it was twins. We went from needing one of everything to needing two or more of everything.

I won’t repeat the stories of what was before that. Nor the sheer terror of standing in an operating room for the delivery. Twins are, at least ours, a high-risk delivery. All of that has passed, time heals a lot of bad memories. Right after the boys were born, we were back in the hospital. They, the boys were in the hospital for about two full weeks after being born, then one of the boys got very sick and was back in the hospital for another week.

It was a devastating and horrifying time. I cannot share the agony we were going through. Being a parent is a hard job. When your child is sick, and there was NOTHING you could do, the nerves just devastate.

We had one interesting thing to discuss and consider as we faced this peril. That was moving to a new house. My wife was preparing to start looking as soon as the boys were home. Then because of the second illness, we waited. Waiting was probably the answer to the question. In the end, we were able to build a house in a new subdivision because we waited. It was the perfect house to transition and was to be our last house in Ohio.


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