Wander project Cincinnati, Bloomington Holidays 1998

There are many holidays this time of year. Many of them are specific to the region and culture where you live. For that, I apologize for posting about a holiday that isn’t universal. I am sharing because we are approaching that holiday and I have a lot of pictures of that holiday. So, again my apologist if in any way you find this offensive or bothersome. My intent is not to share the purpose of the holiday, rather instead the celebration of the people in my life at that holiday.

Today’s pictures started off our holiday journey in 1998. We, my wife and I, still lived in Cincinnati Ohio. The Boys were tiny (less than a year old). We had survived the health scares both pre-birth and for the younger twin post-birth. We had moved into our new house in Willow Cove, Mt. Airy Ohio. Just to be clear the fun activity on a weekend day was to walk from our house to the neighborhood video store. Yes, there were still video stores in 1998.

By this point, my daughter was feeding and helping with her brothers. I was back at work (I got a month off for parental leave). As I said, the second health scare was over. The boys were doing well. We decorated our house. 1998 was the first year of the light-infused reindeer in our yard. My daughter picked the reindeer, and it was in our yard for the next four years. Eventually, the lights stopped working, and the reindeer went to the island of misfit Christmas decorations. I miss that reindeer.


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