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Wander project Christmas 2000

Christmas 2000 started in our house on the south side of Greenwood, Indiana. We opened presents and let the kids play with their new things, before packing up the car around mid-morning and heading down to Bloomington. People always tell my wife and me. Oh, I wish I had twins. You don’t trust me, and babies require a certain number of things when you go from one place to another. Twins require double. A twin stroller isn’t twice as heavy but it weighs more than a single child stroller does. You also need to have more diapers, clothing changes and all of the other things. You had to bundle the twins against the cold, and place the car seats in the car.

Then you load everyone into the car and head down to Bloomington. Shortly after we moved to Cincinnati, my folks had sold the farm. They moved to a house just inside the city limits of Bloomington. For those of us (three families) coming from the north, they were right off the main highway (Indiana 37 south)! In the 11 years, we drove that route, and I will admit that I did get one speeding ticket. I am normally very careful about driving bu; sometimes, it isn’t easy to keep everything in control. If you got there early enough in the morning to mom and dad’s, there were sometimes Ebbel Skivers left. Ebbel Skivers are round filled pancakes that my father made.

Ebbel Skivers are still something we make to this day. It has become a holiday tradition for the family. The last thing about arriving at mom and dad’s house was that mom and dad had made several changes to the house. In the sewing room, where my mother makes quilts, there was some exercise equipment in that room. The twins used it as a climbing apparatus: not exercise equipment, but something to be climbed on. The last picture is of one of the twins climbing on the equipment. Mom and dad had the kids TV with a VCR in the room so the kids could go there, get a video and watch one of their movies while they climbed around the equipment. The TV in dad’s office was normally turned to sports for the adults!


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  1. A wonderful looking Christmas tree and what a load of presents. Great memories. When someone said to you they wish they had twins was your cue to say good take them for a week and let me know what you think afterward lol


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