Wander project Christmas 1998

In 1998 the twins landed and after securing the beach, they took over the house (my apologies for the WWII War Movie dad joke). I can honestly say because people have said it to me many times, that twins are harder than people think. What have people said to me, “oh, I wanted twins.” When the twins arrived at our house they had to be fed every 4 hours (they were premature) one of the twins was very sick and went back into the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care), they, the sick twin would come home again but they had to have a PIC line (in the shoulder) to get medicine twice a day. A nurse came to our house twice a day so that we didn’t have to put the poor kid in a car and drive.

Christmas that year was a wonderful milestone. The twins were not sleeping (ergo the picture of me, nearly asleep). But they were doing better. That first year was hard. Luckily that was the last year I wasn’t traveling. My customer was on the other side of Cincinnati Ohio. So it was a short commute and I could be home.  So when people say, “I wish I had twins,” I smile. Most people do, until they find out twins means no sleep for a year.  1998 was the first Christmas with Twins. It was also the first Christmas in our new house. We spent Christmas morning at my parents’ house in Bloomington Indiana, back then we would celebrate a family Christmas early at home.

When I think about those Christmas’ with little kids, there are three things I remember. The first is being exhausted, and I worked all week and then needed to give my poor wife a break on the weekends. We were both sleep devoured and exhausted. We were terrified early n the year that we were going to lose one of the twins. So this Christmas was a huge relief, as I said. The thing I remember was setting up the toys. I was up late at night, assembling toys. I have to be honest, and I am a morning person. My wife is much more able to stay up late and get things done than I am, So it was a late night of toy assembly and coffee. Then crawl to bed and get up early, kids always get up early in the morning on Christmas!


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  1. Now I know who’s in the picture … one of the twins …. even my girls were in the hospital for 2 months after birth … they were too much born..there were very difficult times then mainly with they were dealt with by their moms and grandmothers … I was very little home time because I had such a job


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