Wander project Chicago…

Downtown Chicago this is trip where all he granddaughters went to the America Girl store. Plus we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown Chicago. Just off of Ontario Street, just a little bit up the road from the Chicago beef restaurant that I loved. Chicago Italian beef is a mix of beef, onions, hot peppers and a jus. Placed in a freshly made bun. The first five or six bites are not as good as the last bites. By the last bites, the bread is completely soaked in au jus.

We didn’t have Italian beef that trip (it was the entire family). Honestly, I had them every time I was in Chicago, and I was in Chicago for most of the year before this trip and the two years after this trip. A lot of Italian Beef was consumed.  Over the years I also learned where all the Portillo’s near where my customers were. Portillo’s was the name of the Chicago Italian Beef reactant. I was also a huge fan of Giordano’s Chicago style Pizza. Giordano’s is stuffed pizza, and one piece is enough to put you into a food coma for many hours!

Like I said I spent a lot of meals in Chicago over the years. Portillo’s and Giordano’s were a way to get good food, hang out and keep the overall costs low. When you are eating out three meals a day, it can get pretty expensive. The images from the pool are why I have waterproof cameras. My daughter loves to take underwater and crazy water based pictures. That means we have to have at least one waterproof camera available for all trips!


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!