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One of the best things about the family history project is getting to share moments like this. My parents were married in 1956. A huge family event, not the first marriage on my father’s side of the family, but the first on my mother’s side (I got to be in my mother’s brother’s wedding (my uncle and aunt). The pictures I treasure the most are the ones of my father, mother and their parents. Those pictures mean more than anything to me.

My parents met at the University of Wisconsin.

If I were to do their Harry met Sally story (if you watch the movie there are always cut with couples talking about how they met), it is very different from the one my wife and I have. They met, then my father joined the US Army. He was away for two years in the Army. Due to his eyesight, he failed OCS admission (officer candidate school) and returned to the University of Wisconsin. He, my father, was never sent overseas (he served during the Korean conflict). Upon returning from the Army, he resumed College. He and my mother reconnected, the rest is a story of two partners.

I remember as a child hating the fact that for the most part my parents communicated and worked together. It reduced the angles and options for a child wishing to see what was possible. But the love my parents had for each other was always present. Sure they argued, any two (four, or six) adults living together are going to argue. It is the nature of adults to at times argue. But there was always love in the house.


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