Wander project boating in Cincinnati Ohio…

Many years ago, 1999 or so, we bought a boat in Cincinnati Ohio. This is us, standing in front of that boat. It is funny we have 13 total pictures ever of that first boat. We have nearly 500 pictures of our second boat in Indiana, and our 3rd and 4th boats are well more than a 1000 pictures each. The first boat was all film pictures as well. They were scanned as part of the family history project. Our first boat and our current boat were both Sea Rays.

That first boat was on the Ohio River. We learned a lot about boating then, although the kids were a lot younger. One of the things we learned, is that the Ohio River is dirty. My father always used to say “Too thick to navigate, to thin to cultivate.” It truly applied to Ohio back then. It wasn’t pollution; just the standard runoff from farms and the ground in the river. I suspect there was probably a level of pollution as well.

We kept the boat at a place called Captains Cove. They had a wonderful restaurant right on the water; we ate there a few times. We spent time exploring the riverfront area of Cincinnati that first, and the only year we had the boat. We did try to stay away from the downtown Newport KY, and Cincinnati Areas as most of the people with boats were in that area. Plus with the bridges and barges, it made for tricky navigation.

It reminded me of how much I loved boats!


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