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The wedding itself, finally after a few days of sharing various pre- and almost moments we get to the ceremony and the reception. Well, part of the reception. I have to say; my sister made the food for the wedding event? The food was amazing. Her pulled pork was divine! The mashed potato bar was a huge hit! The Iced Tea and lemonade were flowing like water. A lot of folks were doing the famous Arnold Palmer drink (a mix to the taste of Lemonade and Iced Tea). The ceremony was wonderful and helped all of us forget the rain falling. Or perhaps the rain created the rhythm for the event. The sound of raindrops making the cadence for the event.

A question that was asked on a previous wedding post reminded me of what it is we remember. What do I recall from the moments leading up to the actual ceremony? The first thing was the procession. The entire concept of a bridal procession is always interesting. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen all wander down the aisle. The procession itself is awe-inspiring, and then the bridge comes down the aisle. It is for a moment, breathtaking. The moment before the bridge was the flower girls. They were just the cutest. The ring bearer as well coming down the aisle. But as I said, the bride was the show stealer. The two of them standing there in front of the minister looked relieved. The long journey nearly complete.

The next moment I remember was one that tells of marriage itself. They, the bride and groom, we’re going to light a unity candle. First, they would see each light the candle that represented themselves, using those candles to light the candle that represented their union. The unity candle is a wonderful addition to any marriage ceremony it represents the joining of two, to create a third. The wind was so brisk that neither of the individual candles would stay lit. Without hesitation, the bride and groom simply took the lighters and lit the unity together. It was lit for a moment, the groom shielding it from the wind so the audience could see it burning brightly. Then the wind snuffed it out. But the moment representing the value of a couple. Sometimes, the most important thing for a couple is how you work together.

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