Wander project more of Amsterdam!

Sprinkled in the images of the sights are images of the people attending the class I was co-teaching and other friends who make their homes in Holland. One evening we did the cruise around the canals of Amsterdam. You don’t realize just how many canals and how much water there is in the city until you do that tour. I lived in Bangkok and have been to Copenhagen many times; those are the only two others cities I have been to with that much water. I love floating by the many places on the canals that are homes. I actually in a posting last summer about our trip to Amsterdam, became online friends with a couple that owns a B&B in one of the canals. Next time I go to Amsterdam I am staying at their place!

I used to, and still do take a lot of pictures when I travel. Back in the day I always told my wife that until she saw what I had seen, so lots of pictures were required. Also, my wife’s family is from Amsterdam, so there was a natural curiosity about the city and people. One of my favorite things on my first trip to Holland was riding around on the trains. I’ve been to cities where you really can use the trains to get around (Chicago and Atalanta are two) and cities where they were working to build a train system (Seattle), but overall Amsterdam was the easiest to move around via train.

Amsterdam is such an amazing city with wonderful places to eat. I love going to the many different styles of food in the city. There are districts in Paris that has food prepared the way people eat it in their homeland. My all time favorite restaurant in Amsterdam is the Grasshopper. I have been every single time I have been to Amsterdam. In part because I went the very first time I was in the city and part because I love the food. I really enjoy Amsterdam!


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