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First off, Rex Trulove covered this exceptionally well in his post on the shutdown. I am not going to spend a significant amount of column space to the ego-driven shutdown. I will say two things, the picture today is ones you can’t take today, and there are 800,000 human beings that are directly impacted by the shutdown. There are another 1.2 million contractors that are also impacted by the shutdown, directly. 2 million people is a small percentage of the overall population of the US. But add to that the impact on Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland Bars, and Restaurants near federal facilities.  The DC area is not the only area where furloughed federal employees live and work, but it is easy to show the economic impact of this shutdown.

The Air and Space Museum closed on Monday 12/31. The Smithsonian museums of which the fabulous Air and Space Msume is one had to because of funding be closed.

There are two Air and Space museums in DC. The first is the one in the pictures I am sharing and is located in the Museum Quadrangle, just off the National Mall. The ”front yard” of America as people often call it. If you have not had a chance to visit the National Mall, it is worth a trip to Washington DC by itself. Without question, it is similar to the famous Parisian area around the Eiffel Tower, or the area around the British Art Museum in London. A great place to see and be seen!

Today sadly the National Mall is a little trash limited. As in there is no trash pickup, other than by the city of Washington DC. Oh and some currently furloughed US Federal workers that are spending their furloughs cleaning up the front yard of America.

So for today, and probably through Monday, the museums that share the past of America are closed today. It doesn’t mean that our history has stopped. It means that our recollection of that history can’t be in person. Please enjoy my sharing of these pictures today of the US Air and Space Museum. This is of the national mall version; the other is much larger and out by Dulles Airport. It has many larger airplanes that you can see in person when it reopens!


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