Wander project ah the difference of time (and Caption THURSDAY)!!!!

It is a tradition in our family to go swimming. I was first in the water of Lake Ripley, Wisconsin, when I was, well I was probably in the water at least before I was born, but for sure when I was 6 or 7 months old I was in the water. I love water to this day. I was born in the winter, but unlike the old song was not born with a cold heart. It seemed only fitting then that we built a pool in our backyard in both Cincinnati and in Indianapolis (we have a neighborhood pool now, that won’t open until June this year). But to me, water is more of a part of life for me. My wife feels the same way. She loves being by and in, near, and on the water, it must be one of the things that brought us together.

Today for Caption Thursday some new fun pictures of the pool. As is my tradition, I’ve added captions. But this is your chance to create beautiful captions for the photos. Our pool was out of our back door for many years. The kids were in the pool as soon as it was opened in the spring and stayed in until the day we closed it around the end of September. They loved being in the water. They don’t anymore, but that is more the public aspect of the neighborhood pool. Swimming is an excellent exercise, but for me, I would rather walk. I can and have swum for years. I love swimming, but it is more that I love water, and I love being in the water than it is a love of purely swimming.

I guess I never really enjoyed swimming as a competition. I was in a swim club for many years. But swimming to me was a chance to be in the water. I guess it was never about winning when swimming! I will end today with my happiest water memory. It was when I was maybe six years old. I got to drive Grandpa’s speed boat for the first time, not sitting on his lap, but being the only person in the captain’s chair. I was wearing Grandpa’s captain’s hat. I felt like I was an adult. I wasn’t, but I felt like it. The feeling of driving a boat is one of those things that makes me happy. It means I am on the water. I am cruising along, and I feel like my grandfather is there, next to me!

Have fun and Caption to your heart’s content!

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wait I CHANGED my mind I want to go back.

i wish this was wine and not just water. I have to listen to these kids.


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