Wander project a rare wander of the actual pictures!

The last picture today is one that makes me giggle. The caption is silly but truly one I enjoy. I realize when the sign has a photo enforced that they take a picture of your car license and send you a bill. But, the funny site would be a police officer hitting cars going over 35 miles per hour with a photo. Sometimes my mind wanders. I will apologize for the more generic pictures in the wander project lately. I am a little concerned with some of the posts on the site, and the fact that more and more social media sites are labeling our site a conspiracy site. I understand the right to publish, and I do genuinely believe in defending people’s rights to share information, but when that information is racist or worse, I don’t support it.

I have 12 readers that have informed me they will no longer come to Virily because of the offensive posts. That number is going to grow as long as the jobs are there. It makes me sad because that is either a sign of decay or a chance to implement change. Both of those things are, of course, impactful. I know that I can’t do anything at this point, so time to move on! I share a weather video every day on several social media sites. I call it Yesterday’s weather. The video camera I have is mounted on my back deck. It records a day of video and then parses it to about 24 seconds of time-lapse. It doesn’t register at night, so it turns 12 hours of video int 24 seconds of time-lapse.

That is the first picture shared today, from a couple of years ago. The middle picture is of a set of noise-canceling headsets. I know many people don’t talk on the phone or listen to music while away from home as much as I do. But I have to tell you that I have more than 16 years of using noise-canceling headsets; I cannot use the free earbuds that come from the phone. I like to have earphones that cover my ear. There are in the ear and then the wired headsets that come with the phone, and then over the ear. I prefer the sound quality of the over the ear headphones. The headsets in the picture are now the possession of the twins; they use them with their phones when they listen to music!

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