Wander project (A day late) US National Dog Day!

Yesterday was a national dog day in the US. my apologies for not sharing the two Dogs that let us live in their house!

I can’t believe I missed National Dogs Day; the embarrassment was a source of Dog conversation in our house. The doings of humans, when they are not preparing for a walk or in the kitchen, is of little concern to dogs. They will on their whim wander over for love at various times of the day. The Dogs and I often disagree on the proper disposition of multiple things in the house as well. Dylan, who may be the world’s bossiest dog, has, ever since joining our family, been training me.  The three big life lessons that he has taught me are to eat faster, share more, and during sporting events, don’t yell at the TV. The first one is delivered via body language. The second via body language. The third via feet nipping.

We are fortunate to have both of these beautiful dogs in our life—we (humans always say we adopted them. I wonder about that; sometimes I think they adopt us.  Dylan joined our family to be a walking buddy. He has done that for eight years now. He is a little slower than he used to be, but he still is always ready to go on his walk. Raven joined our family to replace the hole that was Fran. She changed that hole forever and made it Raven sized. The other two dogs that live with us are lovely as well. I don’t have pictures to share today but will try and get some pictures today or tomorrow to share of Tamsyn and Serenity. Serenity was named for the spaceship in FireFly.

The first dog I remember was Anna-Banna; she was a Duachund that lived with us in Chicago. The next dog we got was MacGregor, the North America Collie. Thinking of Mac always makes me think of my dad. Mac was my dad’s dog. Collies tend to be good with families, but there is one person that they bond with the deepest, for MAC, that was my dad.

Happy National Dog Day, a day late!

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