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Vrnjacka spa-spring minerals waters.

Robin Biznis May 31 2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Here I will describe the best known sources of drinking water for the purpose of treatment.Because of the inability to translate into English, the names of the sources are in the original in the Serbian language.So let’s start.

Source of Hot Water-Mineral hot spring

This is the oldest and most famous mineral water source. It presents a unique example because the water temperature is identical to that of the human body of 36.5 Celsius.

                                                                   Treatment for diabetic.

Source SneznikIt is a source of cold, slightly acidic water, about 16 degrees Celsius. It is used as an additional therapeutic treatment for gall and diabetes, pancreatic and chronic gastritis. It is necessary to consult with a spa doctor.

Source SlatinaThis water is mainly used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. diseases of blood vessels and injuries. Water temperature is about 14 Celsius.Needed consultation with the physiotherapist.

Source Lake – Spring Lake.Water is a slightly acidic temperature of about 27 Celsius. It is used as auxiliary therapeutic agent in the treatment of conjunctivitis, diabetes, and urinary tract disorders. It is absorbed by the doctor.It was named because a circular lake was created around the spring itself.On the lake there are ducks that have beautiful colors of feathers and you can see the little boys fishing.It is surrounded by greenery.

These are medicinal minerals springs of Vrnjacka spa.It is useful to know because someone may come to visit and to treat or at least a vacation in this beautiful European spa.


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