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Vevey, Charlie Chapline’s last home

Vevey is a small Swiss town located in the southwestern part of the country in the canton of Vaud. It is one of the several towns on Geneva Lake as it is located on the north shore of the lake, only a few kilommeters away from Lausanne.

It is a peaceful town with only about 19.000 inhabitants. As it is located on the southwestern part of the country, it is a French speaking town, therefore an ideal place for relaxation and a great opportunity for some foreigners to study or just practice their language skills.

Vevey became famous since Charlie Chapline lived there until his death, to be precise from 1952 until 1977. There is even a museum in his honour which is one of the most visited places in the town. A statue placed by the lake is another reminder of his lifetime spent in this town.

What I’m sure you’ve seen about Vevey but maybe never knew its location is the huge fork protruding from the lake. Nowadaya it is one of its trademarks.

On the other side of the road there is a nutrition museum Alimentarium with an innumerous culinary objects, useful information and workshops.

Another curiosity about this town is that the main office on the big company Nestle it’s located exactly there! Actually the whole town it’s a cozy place where one enjoys the Swiss culinary tradition, the long walks by the lake or just admires the architecture of the buildings and the friendly spirit of the local people.


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  1. Charlie Chaplin was a great man and wonderful actor. I am sure he would have been impressed with you Elena, and i’ll bet he was smiling in Heaven when you posed with his statue. Nestle is probably one of the most evil corporations in the world, they have caused much suffering with their aggressive and unethical marketing practices for baby formula in Third World Countries and their efforts to monopolize drinking water to make it a luxury at the expense of the poor. I often say Nestle is the Swiss word for evil.

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