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Vacation in Your Own Backyard ~ Wyoming

Years ago when things were tight and vacations were hard to come by for many in our area we teamed together to find some affordable vacations that weren’t too far away.  We would search for things that didn’t cost much. Much of the time was spent driving so we also provided games and snack ideas. It is still one of my favorite kind of vacations.

Next door to us was Wyoming.  Families who participated were given disposable  cameras. Can you believe that once upon a time even mobile phones didn’t have camera’s. They were big and boxy and used as a telephone.

These are some of the locations we suggested they might visit. I hope you enjoy the virtual trip.

Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, Wyoming

This is a very fun place for every age. They even have a vegetable garden year around, so you can have a healthy treat.

Jackson Hole is located in a very mountainous area. It has some great skiing, but ever if you don't ski taking the tram to the top is amazing and affordable. If you want to feel what it might be like to be on the top of the world, it's an awesome choice.


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