How traveling to another continent shapes your (business) mindset

Travel is the one thing you pay that makes your rich.

Travel broadens your mind and gives you a different perspective about the world. When you travel to a different place, your brain is automatically set to “innovation” mode, because of the new and unknown environment. The greater difference the better your mind is capable of innovating.

What are the essential skills you upgrade to your mindset when traveling to an unknown place.

1.Risk Taking

Congratulations! You made your first step to your risk-taking willingness. You are a brave risk-taker, who is not afraid to experiment and try new things. The more you practice risk-taking the more confident you feel to make (calculated) risk decisions. This is of essential importance to your business mindset nowadays.

2. Creativity, Innovation and Problem-solving

When you face a new environment, things are always different, sometimes less, sometimes more. Even if it’s just a taxi ride, hotel check-in, queuing, visiting museums or famous tourist place, the processes are different and your brain automatically notices the difference. Deeply in your “problem-solving” brain cells, this into is memorized and increases your creativity and problem-solving skills, that you use in any other field in life and business, both.

3. Dealing with ambiguity and unknown circumstances

How confident you are to deal with ambiguity and unknown environment is CRUCIAL for your business and C-role. Nowadays circumstances are changing almost every day and you need to be fast, agile and flexible. This travel experience will definitely “train” you for this, as all you face in new and unknown.

4. Project Management and Estimation

What is their currency? What is the electricity plug? Do they use uber? Do I need a vaccination? What language do they speak? What is the weather like? Any particular danger? How to a move around? What should I visit? When? Where? How? When you ask yourself all of this questions you actually practice project management to a great extent. Planning and estimating all circumstances in advance, searching for information to answer the question and executing the plan define and shape your management style from a different perspective.

5. New perspective about the world

Today, all businesses can be global. Having a deep insight from experience about different parts of the world, how they function, operate, how do people behave and what is their mindset, gives you the power to think global and see the world from a unique perspective, that is of great importance in today’s global businesses.

So, book your next journey and enjoy the ride. Have fun! 😉


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Written by Darinka Burovska


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