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Top 10 most popular sights to see in Laos

Travel to Laos – it’s exotic holidays in the Republic of the jungle and temples! Holidays in Laos, a country without access to the sea, but all life is booming on the shores of the Mekong River, will help break away from the daily bustle and enjoy the unrestrained peace of mind.

The environment undisturbed, unaffected by the west, the kaleidoscope of various cultures and perhaps the warmest people in the world, have won the status of gods in Laos, and due to their special attention to the elephants, Laos has long been called the country of million elephants.

A trip to this magical country will help you forget everything you’ve ever lived in – it’s a holiday that changes lives. After all, after walks in the jungle and bathing with elephants, the daily problems just do not exist anymore. Enjoy every moment of the trip, giving you a pleasant holiday in Laos.

The journey to Laos is a harmony of nature, ancient architecture, and friendly local faces. Leisure and relaxation in Laos is an impressive, discerning journey. Laos is a really stunning land for your trip. Discover the miracle of nature and culture – Pak Ou Caves and Luang Prabang – the breath of France in the wilderness of Asia (UNESCO heritage).


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