Top 10 Most Popular Sights To See In Madagascar

Nature, nature and one more time nature is most important in the fourth by size island in the world: bright red earth erosion creates fantastic mountains, jungles and many kinds of lemurs. 90 percent Madagascar animals and plants are endemic, means, they can be found only on this island. Contrary to what is shown in the famous animated film, in Madagascar, there are no giraffes, no lions, no behemoths.

The mountains, wet rainforests, where are growing the rare species of ferns, daisies, hundreds of years old baobabs, rare birds, numerous orchid species, white beaches and blue basins of seawater formed by coral reefs – every nature lover in Madagascar will find its corner of the paradise. The island is famous for national parks and nature reserves. Only in Madagascar are probably the most beloved animals in the world – lemurs, rosary colorful lizards, and chameleons, wandering the fossas – pumas and dog hybrid.

In Madagascar blends the culture of Asia and Africa, local tribes are interesting and friendly. Also, try a local cuisine. The island-like Noah’s boat drifts in the Indian Ocean with its wonderful white beaches near the warm Mozambique Strait.


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Written by Fortune