Top 10 most famous places to visit in Zambia

Despite the relatively poor security conditions in Zambia, political tensions are possible and, therefore, it is necessary to keep away from any manifestations where it does not occur. It is prohibited to photograph military areas, police stations, and airports, radio broadcasting centers, as well as bridges guarded by local police in the country. It is advisable not to visit some districts of the major cities such as Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe, and Livingstone, especially in the dark.

Victoria Falls is must see. Of course, it is mandatory to take a bath in the so-called “Devil’s Pool”, which is located on the very edge of the waterfall, and with the courage, you can look down to over 100 meters of water falling down. The safe time to swim in it is September-December when the water level falls on the river.

Travel to this spectacular country if you are eager for adventures and breathtaking nature. 


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Written by Fortune