Top 10 most famous places to visit in Tajikistan

The mountainous state of Central Asia, Tajikistan, is an area of spectacular nature and Persia culture. If you want to escape from the noise and get close to the true peace of the mountains, Tajikistan is a great travel destination.

In Tajikistan, friendly and hospitable local people are waiting for you to make a conversation right here, on the street, the sharp contrasts of cities and villages, ancient customs and the extraordinary natural beauty. If you want to better prepare for your trip and see spectacular natural monuments, plan a preliminary tour of the trip ahead. The best time to visit this country is spring, when the oil trees blossoms explode, or in autumn when Tajikistan is rich in fruits.

The journey through this country becomes a real adventure and guarantees unpredictable excitement: here you can wander down a river carrying gold dust, pick up the full pockets of “foolish gold” – pirate or try to guess at which stone a gemstone can be found, but such stones are forbidden to collect. Surprises the old hospitality customs of nomads and the tribes of yellow-hair and blue eyes people. Well, the mountains give you the opportunity to relax for a short time from the bustle of everyday life and civilization.


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Written by Fortune