Traditional Dance in the Community

If you are going to travel to another country, it is better to explore the different culture and practices. However, you should take the time to research about the place to know social norms in the community of other countries. We don’t to be labeled disrespecting the beliefs of the local people. At some point, we don’t want to be put in jail for not knowing things in a foreign land.

As for me, I always had the chance of exploring the beautiful scenery of certain places. It is my passion to know what’s new. Some people find it strange but that’s the way of educating oneself. Traveling is the best thing to do for people who have troubled souls. This is the easy way to escape from busy life in the workplace and even the overcrowded places in the city.

The most unforgettable experience that I had is traveling to Tajikistan. I had stayed in this country for a year. I had experienced living with the local people. I was so amazed by the way they prepared food, the unique festivity celebration, traditional clothes amongst the locals, the gestures of showing respect to elders and among others.

In 5th of July 2011, the hospital that I am connected with had a Breastfeeding Celebration. The hospital staff organized some programs for the local people and invited the other organizations in the province. It was so special because the culture will be evident.

As I expected, the local people were so delighted to see the nurses and doctors perform on the hospital ground. After the activities, they closed the event by dancing in the center of the ground and the local people were encouraged to join in. It was a fun day and the time for being together.

Then, the local people and colleagues pulled me into the circle. They surrounded me in full circle. I was surrounded by beautiful girls in my placement area. I didn’t expect it and tried to copy the traditional dance. Sweats were pouring from my forehead as I mirror image their moves. It is truly unforgettable experience in my life.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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