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The Jetty, Great Yarmouth

The Jetty in Great Yarmouth was demolished in 2012.  This was due to the fact that it would of cost the local council too much to maintain.  To have the jetty refurbished would have cost in the region of £300,000.  But many local people were rather upset about this being demolished because of the history of it.

Built in 1560, the jetty did certainly hold a lot of history.  During the Napoleonic Wars ships moored here quite regularly.  And it is known that Lord Horatio Nelson also moored here on 2 occasions.  Once in 1800 when he landed here after the Battle of the Nile.  And again in 1801 on his return from the Battle of Copenhagen.

Although the main concrete base remains that the jetty was joined to, the main wooden jetty is gone.  In it’s place now stands a plaque with information on it about the jetty and a bit of history about it.  In the early days the jetty was useful for boats and ships to load and unload their goods.


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