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Te Kuiti and surroundings part one

I have a brother Denis who has lived in Te Kuiti for many years. He writes about fishing and hunting, and he does opossum trapping. He gets rid of some pests that prey on our forests and wild life in New Zealand and it is his living.

The first photo is of a New Zealand Sheep Shearer statue. Every year, Te Kuiti has sheep running through the town. I do not know why but it is a tradition. They have stalls and my brother has his invented fishing equipment that day as well. 

I am leading up to a little observation of New Zealand country life or living in a small New Zealand country town. Te Kuiti is a small town, in a rural area of farms. There is not much but then if you look carefully after a while, you do find life. It’s a good life in the New Zealand country if you can find work and manage to earn a living. 

Te Kuit is a worthwhile place to visit . 

#1 Clouds

A home but atmospheric clouds. You could call "Te Kuiti sunshine!"

#2 An interesting Japanese Park in Te Kuiti

I just happen to find something in the town, that is far remote from New Zealand and its right here in Te Kuiti.

#3 Cumulus Clouds

Another view of Te Kuiti Sunshine

#4 Viewing Te Kuit Town

There is a road that goes up a hill and over looks Te Kuiti. This road leads to New Plymouth, about a 3 hour trip.

My husband Warwick on the left, my brother Denis left to his own thoughts on the right.

#5 A park near Te Kuiti

A very nice New Zealand Bush walk

Stay tuned, Im going through my files on Te Kuiti 

This was our visit at Christmas at 2015

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