Scenery On December 2

Montana is beautiful all year long, but there is a special enchantment that occurs in the winter. The scenery is different in ways that are hard to describe. Here are some images captured yesterday evening, December 2. Most, but not all, are of Montana.

Sunset over Fort Peck Lake

Fort Peck is located in northeast Montana. The town of Fort Peck is tiny, even smaller than the one I live in, and it has about 250 residents. Despite the name, this is actually not a lake, it is a reservoir. The cloud cover adds to the beauty, especially with the sun peeking through a break on the horizon.

St. Mary Lake

This image is from the visitor center at St. Mary Lake. There are actually two cameras at this location, but the other view doesn't show much. The snowstorms that passed through coated the other lens with snow. This one has a little snow, too, but it is melting. They've been clearly removing snow here, as evidenced by the heavy equipment in the right middle. It is sitting in the parking lot.

Flathead River

I really like this picture of the Flathead River as it captures the snow that was falling at the time. The truly cold temperatures haven't yet hit, so the river isn't completely frozen over yet. It almost certainly will be before winter is over.

Logan Pass

This picture of Logan Pass in Glacier National Park was actually from a week ago before the snowstorms passed through. Look how beautiful the Rocky Mountains are in this image.

Olympic National Park

This is in Washington rather than Montana and it shows the next round of storms that will probably be hitting us. The elevation at the camera level is over 5,200 feet, so the mountain top that is partly obscured by storm clouds is probably over 6,500 feet. I love the view of the glacier that can be seen on top of the mountain.

Acadia National Park

Here is the view of the Atlantic coast from Acadia National Park in Maine. The storms are moving out, but the ocean is still angry.

Denali National Park

This is almost as far away from Acacia National Park, yet still within the US. This is the view of Mount McKinley from Denali National Park in Alaska. The mountains are totally covered in snow, under a mostly clear sky, making the view stunning.

Crater Lake National Park

This is near the south entrance to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Counting the berm caused by the snowplows, the snow beside the road looks to be only about 3 1/2 feet deep. It will be getting much deeper in the next few months, but the roads are in really good shape.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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